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  Mineral Water

Evian water

Bottled since 1826, evian® Natural Mineral Water is the world’s #1 brand of premium natural mineral water. evian® water traces its roots to the birth of the French Alps. Each drop of evian® begins as rain or snow high up on the pristine peaks of the French Alps, travelling through a vast mineral aquifer deep within the mountains before being bottled directly from the spring in Evian-Les-Bains.

This unique, 15-year journey is the secret to evian®’s purity and unique, natural taste.


Mont Blanc water

Mont Blanc Natural Mineral Water 6×1.5L
Calcium 27.6 g
Magnésium 2.6 g
Sodium 1.6 g
potassium 1.9 g
Nitrates < 2 g
Fluor < 1 g
Chlorures <1 g
Sulfates 32.5 g
hydogénocarbonates 64.2 g


Volvic water


Volcanic strength has given Volvic its unique minerality
In a unique preserved ecosystem, Volvic Natural Mineral Water filters slowly through 6 volcanic layers giving Volvic its unique mineral composition.

Volvic – straight from the volcano so it’s full of volcanicity. 6 layers of volcanic filtration
In you too lies a strength, a volcano waiting to be awakened

For hygienic reasons this bottle is intended for the exclusive use of Volvic Natural Mineral Water.

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