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  Face Mask

Face Mask

1st layer: 18 gsm PP non woven
2rd layer: 20 gsm filter paper, BFE>95 & 99%
3rd layer: 25 gsm PP non woven

  • Type : Dressings and Care for materials
  • Style: Elastic ear-loop / Tie on
  • Size : 17.5*9.5 cm for Adult,  14.5*9.5 cm for Children
  • Color :  White, Green, Blue, Pink, according to customer’s need.
  • Weight : 16 / 18 / 20 / 22 / 25 gsm
  • Packaging :  50pcs/Box,40box/Ctn
  • Production Time :  25~30 days after order confirmation
  • Applications: hospital, medical, dental,daily use

Face mask is a loose-fitting facial cover that creates a screened barrier between the wearer’s mouth and nose and contaminants in the immediate vicinity. When worn correctly, a face mask helps to block splashes, sprays, splatters or droplets that may contain bacteria or viruses from reaching the nose and mouth. Face masks are also worn to protect others from exposure to your respiratory secretions or saliva. Further, wearing a face mask while gardening, cleaning or participating in outdoor sporting activities will reduce your exposure to mold and dust allergens. Because face masks are loose-fitting, they don’t provide complete protection. To improve your protection, make sure your mask fits and seals well.

1)  1st Layer: Non woven PP
      Anti-Bacteria and Isolate effectively.
2)  2nd layer: Filter paper
      High BFE and PEE
3)  3rd layer: Non woven pp    
Damp-proof, breath freely, innocuous and nonirritating
4) Light, better feeling, cheaper price.
5) They are really ideal, economical protection products.
6) Customer’s LOGO can be printed on the packing bag.



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