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  Disposable Gloves

Nitrile gloves


item Nitrile Glove
Place of Origin Germany
Province Guangdong
Brand Name Gymda
Thickness M=3.5g
Disinfecting Type Non sterile
Properties Protecting
Size S(6-7),M(7-8),L(8-9)
Stock Yes
Shelf Life 36 months
Material 100%Nitrile Butadiene Rubber
Quality Certification All certificates available
Surface Full textured
Grade Medical exmaination
Weight 5.5g per carton
Size 37cm*24cm*23cm per MC
OEM Available
Sample Available
Package 100pieces/box 10boxes/carton

Latex coated gloves

Latex coated gloves are work gloves which are coated with an additional layer of latex. The latex coating makes the gloves comfortable adding great grip as well as increased protection. Latex coated gloves are the best for small industrial applications i.e. handling small parts in the automotive, metal stamping and general purpose industries. Latex is a suitable glove coating because it is puncture resistant, highly elastic and durable. Latex also has good abrasion and grip. Featuring breathable technology,  our gloves are able to reduce perspiration in warm environment while still providing warmth and protection from water in cold, wet conditions.

  • 10/ 13G polyester seamless latex coated gloves
  • Materials: Nylon / Polycotton+ Natural Latex Rubber
  • Glove Size : 7”/ 8”/ 9”/ 10”/ 11”
  • Type : 10 /13 Gauge
  • Color of Liner: Grey, Blue, Red (or customized)
  • Color of Coating:  Orange, Gray, Black, Blue, Red, Green (or customized)
  • Cuff finish: Overlook or hot melting
  • Coating type: Foam or Crinkle finished, half or 3/4 coated.
  • Length : 8~10 inches
  • Weight :  55g~60g
  • Packaging :  One pair/ headcard,  12 pairs/ polybag, 240 or 360 pairs/ carton or as your requirements
  • Production Time :  30~45 days after order confirmation
  • MOQ : 500 dozens

Aerospace / Agriculture / Construction / Automotive manufacturing / Agriculture / Highway maintenance / Railway maintenance / Wet work / Garden work / Steel Work


  • Nylon/polyester exterior with 10/13 gauge lining
  • Seamless cotton glove for high flexibility and comfort.
  • Natural latex coating gives the glove good mechanical performance with comfort and durability exceptional grip and flexibility.
  • Breathable technology to reduce perspiration
  • The crinkle finish offers excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions for safe and secure handling.
  • Water repellent for protection against liquid, offering good puncture and abrasion resistance.
  • Ergonomical design to reduce hand fatigue

PE gloves


  • Raw material : Polyethylene
  • Type : LDPE, HDPE, CPE
  • Glove Size : S, M, L, XL
  • Color :  Transparent, Blue, Red, Yellow, according to customer’s need.
  • Design & Feature : Ambidextrous , embossed
  • Weight :  0.5 g~2.0 g / pc
  • Quality : 100% all new material
  • Packaging :  100 pcs / bag, 100 bags /ctn. or 500 pcs / box, 20 boxes /ctn, according to  customer’s requirement
  • Production Time :  25~30 days after order confirmation
  • Applications:  General daily cleaning purpose  / Baby care / Food processing (Restaurant and kitchen) / Beauty and Hygiene / Pet care / Painting / Industrial use


1) keeping clean,economical,convenient etc.
2) Available in low and high density polyethylene.
3) Various thickness, textured or smooth surface. 
4) Waterproof, preventing ache, alkaline, oil, bacilli.
5) Light, better feeling, cheaper price.
6) They are really ideal, economical protection products.
7) Available standard length and extra-length.
8) Customer’s LOGO can be printed on the packing bag.

    PE gloves with the effect of oil resistance it is mainly used in medical treatment , medicine , health , beauty salon and food processing industry .PE gloves do not contain latex protein , so it will not cause allergic reaction , at the same time it has the properties of anti-static , ageing resistance and oil resistance . The modelling of glove is designed according to the human hand shape , with great alertness , excellent tensile properties and puncture resistance , high tensile strength and excellent wear resistance .

    – For Food industry
    The gloves can protect people’s hands and keep people’s foods sanitary in deli, bakery, cafeteria, cafe, or other food service operation. These gloves are made of light weight, clear plastic that’s similar to the plastic in take-out bags. Polyethylene gloves are light weight for extra comfort, they are best for light-duty prep tasks like slicing deli meat, sandwich, tossing salad greens, or transferring food from its pan into a steam table. People can throw away these gloves in between prep tasks to prevent cross-contamination and pull a new pair out of the box for easy sanitation.

    – For working time
    When working in the chemical plants, some chemical raw materials opponents have a strong corrosive, now have a disposable PE gloves the problem of touching the chemical material directly can be easily solved.

    – For the medical field
    Disposable PE gloves also has the role of anti bacteria. In the medical field, disposable PE gloves isolation effect, can effectively prevent the bacteria on the human body, so disposable PE gloves in the field of medical application is also relatively early. For example, in the test, also very important.

    – For household cleaning
    Some women love clean, but when cleaning, it is easy to get your hands dirty, greasy cleaning is not good, but for a long time will soak hands dirty, so disposable PE gloves come in handy.

    – For baber shop
    In some of the barber shop, we often see the barber in the work before the general will wear disposable PE gloves, especially in the hair, such as when the hair dye will be stained with dirty hands, and also very difficult to wash. Disposable PE gloves can solve this big problem.

    Storage: The gloves shall maintain their properties when stored in a dry condition at temperature between 10˚C to 40˚C. Protect gloves against ultraviolet light sources, such as sunlight and oxidizing agents.

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